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So to speak.

Got another 15 min. x 2 under my belt, for a total of 45 min.  Yay!

Still wading through the reading (it’s in Japanese so it takes a little time, although I know what I’m looking for and it’s not great long passages, which helps).  But there’s some good stuff for the paper/chapter, and some other stuff I’ll be able to use in other chapters, so it’s useful work.  I keep having to remind myself that writing can’t happen before reading – particularly since this is essentially ethnographic reading (BBS entries right now) that constitutes part of the ‘text’ I’m writing about.

So, with that, I’ll wish everyone a good Friday!


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I meant…

the night before last.  We’ve had TV for two nights, now.  It matters.

Did my 15 min., and since the toddler (who’s now obsessed with Totoro) is watching her “story” and the infant is sleeping in milk-addled bliss, I might try and get another 15 in before pandemonium returns.

I need to find some kind of widget to mark progress without having to post it obsessively.  Although the obsessive posting might not hurt…I dunno.

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The TV, and other things

So, he did finally show up around 5:30 last night.  Everything went smoothly (and, despite his lateness, he really was a nice guy – played kickball with MM while he was on hold with the satellite company to activate the receiver), and we now have HDTV.  While M. can’t really see a discernible difference in picture quality (because he’s blind in one eye and otherwise very nearsighted), I can – it’s beautiful.

But the main thing is that we now have TV again, which makes the long, long nights a little easier to get through.

AND we get the “Kung Fu” channel, which shows Asian movies 24 hours a day.  One cannot complain here, even if there are a LOT of repeats and “Zatoichi” movies.

Other than that, things go as they go.  I up and forgot to do my 15 min. yesterday, but I’m trying to roll with that and just get back on track today.

I wish I were writing better posts.  Right now this is essentially a laundry list.  Blah.

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15 more…

And one thing that’s helping – for no discernibly good reason – is this meditation timer.  I think it’s just less jarring and more inviting than most timers – a nice, gentle way to start and finish.

No satellite guy yet.  Grrrrr.

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In which the title is far more profound than the post.

Actually, I was just going to update a bit while the toddler is being placated by Totoro and the infant is asleep in the Baby Bjorn.

I did my 15 minutes already – yay!  I might even find energy/time for 15 more later in the day, who knows?  The reading is interesting and should be very useful to the argument I’m trying to make.  I need to find out if there’s any way I can get hold of a copy of the Mingpao Newspaper (HK) from April 2003 – I’m guessing not – so I can look up a notice that was submitted.  I have the Chinese copy, but supposedly there’s English, too…

We’ve been without TV for two days now.  We’re trying to get our upgrade to HD programming, but when the technician came on Monday (at 7:20 pm, for his scheduled 12-5 appointment), the box he had was defective.  He called yesterday to say that the office didn’t have a replacement yet, and put us off until this evening.  I’m just hoping it works out today; I’m keeping C. inside for the most part until he hits 1 month (although I don’t know…the weather’s still nice outside and MM could use a walk…), so we’ve been pretty dependent on TV to liven things up a little.  I’ve managed to get MM interested in Totoro (to the extent that we’ve now seen it 30 times), but it’s starting to drive me a little batty.  And I miss my TV – I admit it, I’m a TV whore.  The thing owns me.  And in the middle of the night when I’m kinda sorta staying up with C., it’s a real godsend.

I want my TV back!!!

M.’s back at work and none the happier for it.  We’re officially on the two-year plan now, though (assuming he gets renewed this year; he’s a little concerned, I’m not.  I mean, his department is bleeding staff because of crap management, and he’s one of the few remaining people who actually does a diligent job and is still there…they’d be insane not to renew him).  M. will be done with school in two years from now, and my goal is to be done with the diss – one way or another – within that time.  We’re looking to relocate overseas – now, whether this will actually happen or not is anyone’s guess, since it’s dependent on, you know, jobs.  But that would be our first choice, and we’re trying to work in that direction.  So, assuming he doesn’t get completely frustrated and go looking for work elsewhere (for which he has my complete support, btw; I hate seeing him so upset over work all the time), he just needs to get through the next couple of years.

In theory, anyway.

Sorry for the disjointed post – this is pretty much how the inside of my head looks, too.  Not pretty.

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Did my 15 min.

It’s late, but I’m glad I did it.  Today was reading, and I found some stuff that (I’ve been putting off reading forever) will probably come in very handy.

I’m actually working on my conference paper for a presentation on Mar. 8; since the paper is part of my 4th chapter, I count this as working on my diss.

The comments – on my blog and on LJ – cheering me on have encouraged me more than you know.  It feel great knowing that you guys are out there rooting (is this the right “root”?) for me!

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I did my first 15 minutes of work today.

Yay me.

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