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I apologize for being so abrupt about this, but I’ve decide to suspend my blogging for the time being.  I’ve been engaged in a project of learning how to do the childcare and household stuff well enough to add my dissertation back into the fray, and one thing I’ve discovered is that I don’t have the time/energy for blogging right now.  Add to that the fact that this has devolved into mostly whining, and the time just seems right to walk away.

I anticipate coming back in some different form at some point in the future – either sooner or later – but until then I’ll be reading blogs and commenting when I can.  Thanks for reading – every comment has been more appreciated than you know.


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Clearly, I’m not posting every day about “voices.” Whoops. I do have a post somewhere in my head about MM and Christopher Walken that falls under that general rubric, but it’ll have to wait a bit.

I didn’t mention that one of the things I want to try as part of the new domesticity, although I haven’t yet, is getting a handle on the household finances. I don’t mean keeping to a budget; we do that reasonably well. I mean tracking outgoing/incoming money with software and maybe even figuring out M.’s retirement investments.

The one thing that all of my little endeavors have in common is anal attention to minutiae. It makes me happy, and it helps me to feel like I’m on top of something. These days, there’s a lot to be said for that; God knows the dissertation does neither of those things for me.

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The New Domesticity

I’m freaking June Cleaver, lately.  I decided that it was nearly impossible to “juggle” working on my dissertation and taking care of everything/one at home while I didn’t have much of a handle on the latter to begin with.  Up until about three months before C. was born, MM and I had a nice routine during the day.  The last few months were, as you all know, special, but I assumed (knowing full well the unique challenges that newborns bring!) that it was temporary.

And so it was, just not in the way I’d been thinking.  For one thing, C. is a hands-on kind of kid.  This doesn’t mean that I spend all day holding him (ha!), but he’s a bit needier than MM was at his age, and this manifests itself primarily in being unable to nap unless he’s being held.  He can do upwards of an hour in his chair (yes, the one his legs now hang out of), but otherwise someone has to hold him.  The weird thing is that he’s been sleeping fine in his bed at night – this is only a daytime issue.  Which, you know, yay; but it does make things a bit more challenging during the day.

And now MM is starting to think about giving up her nap.

Add to that my near neglect of M. since C. arrived, and we’re talking chaos.  It wasn’t “juggling” so much as “throwing everything up into the air at once and watching it splat on the pavement.”

So I’m on dissertation hiatus while I get more of a handle on home life.  This project has had a couple of interesting – and somewhat unexpected – results:

  • I decided that our walks around the block were less than riveting and went looking for any kind of playground within walking distance.  After much searching, I found one that’s about a .25 mile walk down the road.  We have to cross a relatively busy road that doesn’t have a pedestrian signal, which I don’t like, but so far so good.  We’ve only been once, though – the pollen right now is killing us (MM included), so we’ve been reduced to hiding out indoors again.  But it made for good exercise, and MM was in her element playing on all the equipment.
  • I’m now on a cooking jag.  I’m not prepared to say how long this will last, especially since I tend to burn out on new projects fairly quickly, but in the meantime I’ve learned how to make some good lunches for M. and I made some Chinese dumplings last night that were to die for.  I also made my first really good Chinese BBQ pork loin the other day, so I’m feeling very accomplished.

Those are the main two – getting out of the house a bit more (well, at least the once), and cooking.  Sounds pretty unimpressive, but I’ve been in the grip of inertia for months now, and this at least feels like a proactive change for the better.

For the record, I’m planning to get back to the dissertation after we get back from CA – which is also when I’m planning to do the potty-training stuff in earnest.  I figure it’s enough of a disruption of our normal pattern that there’s not much point in starting anything new yet.

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